Successful innovation is the substance criterion to ensure the position for the future economic success of your enterprise.

The even fast development of an idea is crucial for the success of the product (time to market), whereby the integration of external advisors already worked with numerous enterprises.

For the fast and successful conversion of the ideas the engineer's office ATK offers itself as a trusting partner.

- High innovation rate by shorter development time

- Conserving of your own limited resources by application

  of experienced advisors

- Integration of the knowledge of project partners

  (complementary resources)

- Realese of creativity reserves by mutual completion

50% higher development costs

10% higher production costs

6 months longer development time


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Successful growth means successful increase of market shares with new and better products, whereby the time factor (from the idea to the introduction to the market) plays an increasingly more important role. Fast discovery, patent cover, development, conversion and commercialization are of crucial importance.

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