Material Selection: today in Europe more than 5000 synthetic material types  are offered without considering different colours. If one considers farther that every type is described by hundreds from characteristic values and informations, the material choice for the technical designer becomes a much more important task and the danger of wrong decisions rises.   

Literature search: literature searches can reduce the development expenses and development times substantially. We check the relevant literature for you to guarantee an extensive knowledge before a development start, to prevent unnecessary trials and to minimize the danger of wrong development directions.

development projects: primarily are technical developments and technical innovations which improve the value chain sustainable. Regardless of whether you want to delegate subprojects or the management and coordination of of a project, we put our expertise at your disposal.

Coaching: more and more manufacturers integrate their suppliers in early phases of the development and in the concept of new products. Did you develop together with your suppliers and customers already new products or need you these tasks urgently? An effective follow up of deadlines, good preparations of meetings, paired with an extensive specialized knowledge accelerate every development.



- Customer's contacts

- Web search

- Literature

- Patent searches

- Institutes

- Factorial experimental design


- Complementary resources

- Creativity resources

- Cross-company cooperation

- Project Management

- Creation of presentations

Describe to us shortly your task. We will announce ourselves at short time with a suggestion and an information of the accurate expenses. Taking into account that development times an ever larger value is attached, you will see: it counts itself!

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