To be a leader in costs, i. e. in productivity and flexibility, an instrument is not sufficient by far. All registers must be analyzed and pulled out.

- Processing and manufacturing optimizations


   * Product-FMEA

   * Process-FMEA

- Factorial experimental design

- Analysis of trials

- Material selection

  * Processing

  * Material properties

- Requirement profile

- Elaboration of delivery specifications


- Creation of presentation documents

- Contact to sub-contractors

- Contact to plastic producer

Which speeks against it to take up the know how of experienced advisors, in order to reach a potential exhaustion of the production for daily work? Privacy and secrecy of your know how and production technologies are nature for us.

We support also enterprises which need plastics however not manufacture it:

  - choice of materials

  - consideration of the requirements in the own enterprise

  - consideration of your quality requirements

  - assignment of subcontracts

  - minimization of the purchase price


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