MATERIAL SELECTION: in Europe over 5000 plastic types are offered today


without taking into account the different color settings. Considering that each type


is described by numerous characteristics and informations and the choice becomes


increasingly complex task and the risk of wrong decisions increases.



LITERATURE RESEARCH: Literature research can significantly reduce


development costs and time. We review the relevant literature for you to ensure


comprehensive knowledge prior to any development start-up and to minimize


unnecessary attempts to minimize tests, conversations and dead-ends in





DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS: it is mainly technological developments and innovations that sustainably improve the value chain. Regardless of whether you want to delegate sub-projects or the management and coordination of a project, we will gladly provide you with our expertise.


COACHING: More and more manufacturers are involving their suppliers in the early stages of development and product design. Do you already develop new products together with your suppliers and customers or are you urgently looking for these tasks? Effective date persecutions and interview preparation, coupled with extensive expertise accelerate any development.

Textfeld: - CAMPUS
- Customer‘s contacts

- Web search
- Literature
- Patent searches
- Institutes

- Factorial experimental design
- Complementary resources
- Creativity resources

- Cross-company cooperation
- Project Management
- Creation of presentations

Briefly describe your task. We will contact you shortly and make a suggestion, indicating the exact costs. Taking into account that development times and their shortening are given an ever greater importance, you will see: it pays off!

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