To be a leader in costs, i. e. in productivity and flexibility, an instrument is far from sufficient. All registers must be analyzed and pulled out.

Textfeld: - Processing and manufacturing optimizations

   * Product-FMEA
   * Process-FMEA

- Factorial experimental design

- Analysis of trials

- Material selection
  * Processing
  * Material properties

- Requirement profile

- Elaboration of delivery specifications
- Creation of presentation documents

- Contact to sub-contractors

- Contact to plastic producer

What speaks against taking advantage of the experience and know-how of experienced consultants in order to exploit potential while relieving production for day-to-day business? Confidentiality and privacy of your know-how and production technologies are self-evident.


We support also enterprises which need plastics however not manufacture it:


  - Choice of materials

  - Consideration of the requirements in the own enterprise

  - consideration of your quality requirements

  - assignment of subcontracts

  - minimization of the purchase price

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