The improvement of the co-worker quality is one of the success

                                                       factors of an enterprise



Our seminars are compiled exclusively for your company and only the people you mentioned are invited. We set the priorities as needed, for buyers different as for the R&D department, for example. In order not to disrupt the operational process, we will consider your ideas and conduct seminars on weekends through.


Textfeld:              Your advantages 

- Promotion of in-plant communication

- Economical training courses by user- 
  independent seminar fees

- Influence of the enterprise on the seminar

- Training according demand

- Compilation of the seminar


Proceed: - demand analysis

                - integration of your needs

                - seminar preparation in your company

                - subsequent editing of the seminars

                - we answer also concret questions in detail by email 

Topics: - Plastics

             - FMEA

              - Factorial experimental design

If we aroused your interest,

we contact you gladly

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