Successful innovations are an essential criterion for the future economic success of a company. Especially the rapid development and introduction of an idea (time to market) can be decisive for the success of a product, whereby our task-related integration of external consulting expertise has already proven itself in many companies.


In the fast and successful implementation of the ideas the Ingenieurbüro ATK offers itself as a trusting partner.

Textfeld: - High innovation rate by shorter development time

- Protecting your own scarce resources by the use of 
   experienced consultants

- Integration of knowledge of project partners 
  (complementary resources)

- Realese of creativity reserves through complementary 

50% higher development costs

10% higher production costs

6 months longer development time

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Successful growth means successfully gaining market share with new and better products, whereby the time from idea to marketplace playing an important role. Rapid development, patent coverage, implementation and commercialization are crucial, Fast discovery, patent cover, development, conversion and commercialization are crucial, especially  for companies without a global presence.

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